Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade, Drip by Drip!

Way back in 2008, the second book released from Time Bomb Comics was the one-shot Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead, written by Steve Tanner and art by Andy Dodd.  It made a bit of a splash, and it’s probably fair to say that it made a few people take notice of Time Bomb in the first place.  Three years later, Steve wrote another self-contained Turpin tale,  Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague , this time with art by Graeme Howard.  It was received as fondly as the first adventure, but as the years went by it seemed Time Bomb and Mr Turpin has parted company, with Steve moving on to create the Flintlock series.  

But sometimes things are not always what they seem – and it turns out that for the past few years Steve has been quietly putting together a third story of highwayman horror, working with artist Roland Bird, letterer Bolt-01 and editor Paul H Birch. Why the secrecy? Who knows, but the exciting thing is that this new story – Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade – is not only the longest Turpin adventure yet but is also already written, drawn and lettered!

Excitingly, it’s also being released in weekly episodes online, through Steve’s new Drip page!  What’s Drip? Well, it’s a tool for artists and creators to fund and build community around their creative practice, and is linked to Kickstarter. With Drip, people subscribe to support creators on an ongoing basis. In return, creators open the door to their creative practice — by sharing their process, notes from the field, in-progress previews, and other rewards. It’s a way for creators to build a community of dedicated and meaningful support around the work they make.

And Steve has decided that this new Dick Turpin story will be a key part of his new Drip venture, which will also include exclusive fiction content, artwork reveals and updates about his work withing the Flintlock and Foxglove timelines and Time Bomb Comics as a whole!

The first episode of Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade can be viewed by anyone accessing Steve’s Drip, but is also shared below. However, to enjoy the rest of the story (and with a first episode like this who wouldn’t want to?) you’ll need to become one of Steve’s Drip supporters. Yes, there’s a monthly fee, but it’s less than a cup of coffee!

New episodes of Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade will be posted every Thursday, with a further creator commentary about that episode following on the Monday, which includes Roland’s sketches and design artwork, and is also subscriber exclusive. Here’s the first episode, but click on over to https://d.rip/steve-tanner to enjoy the rest: