Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead – Digital Edition


Writer: Steve Tanner Artist: Andy Dodd
Cover: Andy Dodd

Published 2008. 28 pages, US format,  colour cover+back cover, black and white interior.



When notorious highwayman Dick Turpin stumbles across a deserted village following his latest highway robbery it seems the ideal place to hide out. But the village is not as empty as it first appears – and Turpin soon finds himself surrounded by hordes of rotting, hungry zombies!

“This release from Timebomb Comics© is our take on the zombie comics bandwagon that’s been steadily trundling through the last few years-” explains Steve Tanner, publisher of Timebomb Comics©, “-and after the time-bending mind-twister that was our first comic Ragamuffins: Stitches in Time Andy and I both readily agreed that our next one-shot should be something completely different, if only to prove to ourselves we weren’t a couple of lame one-trick ponies.

“I fancied doing something historical, Andy wanted to draw horses, but something extra needed to be added to the mix. The missing ingredient came from my catching sight of a one-off promotional piece that Andy had done a few years ago featuring a zombie infested sewer, and the realisation that not only could Andy draw zombies – he could draw great zombies.

Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead is a real historical romp which features all what you’d expect from a comic featuring the iconic legendary highwayman: Black Bess, highway robberies, Flintlock pistols, the immortal line “Stand and Deliver!” and zombies… Lots of zombies!”

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