Brawler #2 Insights

Brawler #2 Insights

Brawler brings together an amazing selection of creators to tell the sort of wild stories you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve spoken to some of them about the inspiration behind their unique heroes.

David Millgate, Artist, Cover:
“I really wanted to do a cover piece that featured a female as the main character and used scale as an element in the design. I decided to do Mother Nature as if she’s appearing in human form. She’s beautiful, but also somewhat threatening. A giant, a Goddess and the spirit of the forest. I then added the futuristic Astro-Warrior in the foreground looking up in awe at her. So that the image posed a question and hopefully the readers will be asking… ‘What happens next?’

Ferg Handley, writer on Wolfheart (art by James Devlin & lettering by Bolt-01):
“I’ve always been interested in Ancient Rome, especially the end times.  The collapse of the Empire makes a fascinating backdrop for stories, and I’d been kicking the Wolfheart idea around for a while, so it’s good to see him finally come to life — especially with an artist who really gets it. ”

Katie Cunningham, writer on Space Banshee Exorcist (art by Danielle Wiebe & lettering by Bolt-01):
“I wanted to make a genre universe which would be fun to play in without getting bogged down, so I mashed up Celtic stories with space westerns. Also I wanted to write a phonetic accent because I love when they show up in comics. Danielle’s art is so great and dramatic and she communicates so much so simply- stuff like pulling out a spine-whip- so she gets the credit for pulling everything together and making it work. ”

Jörgen Karlsson, writer of Karl Kämpe (art by Hakan Aydin & Ichsan Ansori):
“Sweden is perhaps best known for our Viking ancestors. But in Sweden we also remember another era when we kicked arse, that is the era of the Swedish Empire (1611-1721).
This era combined with my love for stories with one strong stoic hero like Conan the Barbarian, Judge Dredd and The Phantom was the seed to the story of Karl Kämpe. From the beginning Karl Kämpe the Adventurer was to be a one-shot but I fell in love with that bastard so I had to do another comic book and another. Karl Kämpe is a man with a destiny and I thought Brawler would be the perfect way to introduce him to people outside of Sweden. I hope you like this short adventure and keep your eyes open. More are to come! “

John Short, writer on Helga Frankenstein (art by Gabrielle Noble & lettering by Bolt-01):
“Gabrielle Noble’s strengths as an artist come from drawing women and monsters, so we wanted to create a strip that would feature those two elements heavily. I imagined a hidden country in central Europe where vampires, werewolves and others had fled to escape the inquisition in the middle-ages. Now an uneasy peace exists between the humans and their monstrous neighbours. Then we threw into this mix Victor Frankenstein’s patchwork daughter, Helga. A young woman made from the remains of dead monsters. Even her brain made from two different halves, giving her two personalities!”

Brawler #2 Insights


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