Harker on Kickstarter

Harker on Kickstarter

Harker: Book One’s Kickstarter closed on the 31st of August having passed five stretch goals and raising almost four times the originally target- another big Time Bomb funding success!  

The sixty-eight-page volume is a full colour reprint of the first part of the first Harker story, ‘The Book of Solomon’, we’ll be announcing more about its release soon. The unlocked stretch goals include some of the pieces below, (almost) all by series artist Vince Danks:

Here’s some words from series writer Roger Gibson on the series’ success so far:

“Vince and I are both thrilled that Harker finally has a new lease of life – we published 12 issues a few years ago (all to be reprinted by Time Bomb in full colour), all of which were popular, due we think to our founding principle: let’s do a typical Saturday evening TV series, just like Columbo or Morse, but as a comic! With at least six volumes coming from Time Bomb over the next couple of years (including two brand new ones) we reckon there’ll finally be enough for a full TV series – with Peter Capaldi in the lead role! I’m sure he wouldn’t turn it down! The next volume will be the conclusion of the London story, then it’s off to Whitby for murky moors and goths, and then maybe York, or Portmeirion, or Blackpool, or New York – we haven’t made up our minds which one comes next. We might take votes!”

Thanks so much to everyone who supported the Kickstarter- we can’t wait to bring Harker: Book One to you!

Harker on Kickstarter


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