Newsletter: April 2021

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Flintlock Time, Baby!

After having its big success on Kickstarter last month, we are pleased to annoucne that Flintlock Book Five has been officially released into the wild! Hurry up and grab a copy!

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

Flintlock Book Five!
It’s here! The latest Flintlock features all of your favourite characters- Lady Flintlock, the Clockwork Cavalier, Captain Shanti, and more- in adventures across the 18th century! Buy it right now!

Flintlock in Review
But if you’re not persuaded yet, check out Michael Nimmo’s retrospective on the entire Flintlock series!  and his more recent review of Book Five “excellent storytelling and brilliant art”!

Drive Thru Comics! 
Harker: The Book of Solomon – Part One  is up on Drive Thru Comics! Click through to get it– which incidentally is a very good idea since…

Announcing Harker – Part Two!
The conclusion to Harker’s first story, The Book of Solomon, will be starting its Kickstarter campaign on the 30th of April! 
Find out more here!