Newsletter: March 2021

Newsletter: March 2021

Flintlock‘s Kickstarter Success!

Me and Steve have been pretty overwhelmed by just how great you folks are. Flintlock Book Five ended its time on Kickstarter 1379.2% funded. We genuinely can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve shown for Time Bomb’s flagship title and we can’t wait to bring you great comics this year. 

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

Flintlock Book Five (again!)
Maybe mentioning this again is overkill, but who cares- you unlocked 9 bonus prints and supported us in creating something awesome. Get a look at all the details on the Kickstarter page, and if you’re as excited as us, send us a tweet! Click here to go to the Kickstarter and find out more!

Brawler #2

Our newest release, Brawler #2, has been getting some great reviews. Check out this one from Bob Brice at BGCP and this one from Richard Sheaf at Buy Small Press. 

Drive Thru Comics! 

Back to Flintlock, you can now get 1-4 on Drive Thru Comics! Make sure you’ve caught up for #5 here.

Geeky Brummie

Steve Tanner, scribe of Flintlock (and many other things), as well as Time Bomb chief, was on Geeky Brummie’s Year 5 anniversary podcast along with Adam Woodall, Graham Woods and Stacey Taylor – listen here!

Mega City Book Club

John M Burns talks Judge Dredd, Dante, The Order, George & Lynne- and of course his cover for Flintlock Book FiveListen here.

Comic Scene

Steve was also at the ‘I Love Comics’ Digital Comic Con along with our pals Comic Scene, Pat Mills (Space Warp) and Dave Cook (Killtopia). He’s had a busy month! Watch the video here.

Newsletter: March 2021



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