Newsletter: March 2022

Newsletter: March 2022

We’re teaming up with Anderson Entertainment!

That’s right! We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Anderson Entertainment in a deal brokered by Larkshead Licensing! First up, an anthology featuring three cult titles from the mind of Gerry Anderson: New Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct and Terrahawks! 

Obviously this is very exciting for us, and judging by the reaction on social media – it is for you too! It’s been difficult sitting on this story, and honestly, it’s great to talk about it now.

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Read on for more!

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

The Spectrum anthology!

Gerry Anderson’s work was a huge part of the British television landscape from the 1960s to the 1990s, and his shows remain popular with science fiction fans across the globe. The three titles included in Spectrum span the genre from alien fighting to space-based police procedural. Bringing  them together in this anthology will create an exciting and unique comic book.  

New Captain Scarlet was a reboot of the original 1960s show broadcast in the 1990s. Using CGI as an evolution of the original Supermarionation puppetry, the show followed the titular Captain 
Scarlet in his battle against the invading Mysteron aliens. Terrahawks used an altered version of the Supermacromation style, refined with 1980s technology and incorporating latex hand-puppets. The series sees a ragtag group of humans defend Earth after the destruction of NASA.  Finally, the 1990s Space Precinct was  a live  action series that incorporated puppetry in  creating realistic and 
sophisticated alien characters. A police procedural set in space, it was known for its groundbreaking special effects.  

The creative teams for the new anthology are Steve Tanner (writer), Pete Woods (artist) and James Grey (letters) on New Captain Scarlet; Richmond A Clements (writer) and James Gray (art and lettering) on Space Precinct; and Dan Whitehead (writer), Ste Pickford (artist) and James Grey (lettering) on Terrahawks. The cover will be drawn by Steve Pugh known for his work at DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and 2000AD.

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In other news…

Rotten Under the Snow raised £3200!

I’m so grateful for this one, folks. You did it! Thank you! It means so much that you put some faith in me and the other creators. Really- from me, Mike, Danielle, and Aaron: thank you!

Steve was on The Awesome Comics Podcast!

Listen to our Publisher God chat about alternative universes, and gain insight into the mind behind Flintlock, Clockwork Cavalier, Dick Turpin and so much more. 
Listen to it here! 

I was on the Brewgooders Podcast!

Somehow this became their most downloaded episode, so there’s definitely something worth listening to there! In all seriousness, check it out for some talk about Rotten, some talk about Time Bomb, and a lot of talk about Steve’s excellent jackets. 
Listen to it here! 

Geek Culture Reviews
Rob Lake spoke to me about Rotten. Read on to find out what got me obsessed with horror! Read it here!

Newsletter: March 2022



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