The Clockwork Cavalier Special


Some of you may already be familiar with the Clockwork Cavalier who first appeared in a 6 page black and white complete short story in Book One of the unique historical anthology series Flintlock (itself a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2016). In that tale, set in 1753, little was revealed about this mysterious clockwork automaton beyond that he had been recruited into the world's first organised  police force - the Bow Street Runners - to help them fight crime in 18th Century London.

Despite the mystery surrounding the Cavalier's origins, or perhaps because of it,  Flintlock's cogwheeled conundrum was received with enthusiasm, but this clockpunk infused crime fighter was always intended to be much more than just a supporting character, as this first spin-off from the Flintlock anthology will reveal. However, this all-new story is set twenty years after the Cavalier's previous appearances in Flintlock; you don't need to have read any of those to fully enjoy this new story, but you can get all the Cavalier's previous appearances too as part of this campaign if you want to!