Harker - The Black Hound - Part Two



DCI Harker is enjoying a holiday in Whitby, and the last thing he wants is to be drawn into solving a murder. So when a famous novelist is killed right in front of him, he decides he’s a suspect and relaxes on the dodgems. DS Critchley, however, needs his help, especially when another body washes in with the tide. Who is the murderer, what does it have to do with this spooky old coastal town, and how does it involve the huge dog seen on the Moors?

Get ready for the astonishing conclusion of another classic Harker murder investigation, poking mild fun at old detective tropes and featuring gruesome horror at the seaside! Could Harker really be the murderer? He’s certainly grumpy enough…

Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks with Andrew Richmond bring you the conclusion of another intriguing murder mystery, filled with death, danger and derring-do, with a healthy dose of arch humour!

Harker: The Black Hound Part Two is the fourth, full colour,  sixty-eight page perfect bound volume of this thrilling crime series – a  unique homage to classic tv detective shows, filled with humour, wit,  adventure and mystery. It’s also the conclusion of Harker’s latest case, following The Black Hound Part One that was previously Kickstarted successfully,  and which is also  available through this latest campaign.

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