WESTERNoir Volume 2
After the shocking ending of Volume 1, Josiah Black will discover that man is far deadlier than any monster he has faced.


Spanning across the Old West, WESTERNoir recounts the monster-hunting days of Josiah Black, a drifter who has to quickly learn that not everything is as it seems. It is a well known fact that there was no shortage of dangers that made the American Frontier their home. From the venomous snakes to bloodthirsty outlaws, every day was filled with danger. However, goaded by the enigmatic Caligray, Josiah learns that more terrifying threats lurk under the dusty American sky. Illustrated and co-written by Gary Crutchley with co-writer Dave West, WESTERNoir is a series that twists and turns in unexpected ways. Always remember that, in the Old West, you can't trust anything you see. The spin-off series, Tales of WESTERNoir, continues the tales of both Josiah Black and the people he meets. Illustrated by different artists, each tale explores this wild setting in a unique light.