Flintlock Book Six on Kickstarter! May 2022 Newsletter

Flintlock Book Six on Kickstarter! May 2022 Newsletter

FLINTLOCK is back! 

Our flagship anthology has been on Kickstarter for a couple of weeks, and has already reached almost 1000% funding! Thank you! 

You can find out more about available bonuses below, but for now, here’s the link to the Kickstarter.

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

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The Great Flintlock Artwork Add-On Opportunity!

You can buy original Flintlock artwork by David Morris! David has been involved with the series from Book One and his take on Lady Flintlock was our first ever stretch goal! For Book Three he drew the cover and the pages for the first Molly & The Trickster Thief story, while for The Clockwork Cavalier Special David drew the Tilly Quickstep story that featured London’s first female Bow Street Runner. Now you can own some of his pages. They’re very limited, so act fast! 

Next stretch goal!

We’re only £329 away from unlocking this amazing bonus art of Peg Sparrowhawk by Andy Bloor! Andy’s best known for his work on WOLFMEN and FALL OF THE WOLFMEN books with writer Dave West.

Buy Spectrum
It’s available on our website and in WH Smiths now! Here’s the link! 

If you buy a copy be sure to tell us on social media, I promise a gif in return!

Spectrum UNBOXED! 
 Our anthology was featured in an UNBOXING video from YouTube user Steven Allsorts! Watch the full thing here.

3 Million Years
 Reviewr Michael Nimmo was kind enough to feature Flintlock on his latest substack- find it here! Michael also ran a review of Spectrum: “This was an entertaining read… fit for both new readers and those who remember the classic TV series.” Read the full thing here!

Sequential 21
Want more insight into Spectrum and the creative process? Fred McNamara is running a series of interviews with the creators: check it out here.

And finally- Rotten Under the Snow!
Alex Breen at Comic Book Yeti ran a review of our pulpy horror scifi comic: it  “weaves pulp adventures, gritty war dramas, and science fiction horror together for a wonderful dose of escapist entertainment.” Read more here!

Flintlock Book Six on Kickstarter! May 2022 Newsletter


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