Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter August 2020

Harker Special Edition!

In case you haven’t heard, this month Time Bomb is delighted to welcome cult indy crime comic ‘Harker’ into our library! For the full scoop and background on Harker head over to our website here.

In brief: Harker is a comic for people who love classic detective shows. It’s  written by Roger Gibson (Torchwood, Gravestown, Mad Girl) and drawn Vincent Danks (Doctor Who Magazine, Red Dwarf Magazine). 

Our first Harker Kickstarter was funded in just over three hours, and we’re now working toward a full-colour reprint of the first Harker story. You can find out more about it and help us reach our next stretch goals here.

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Art

Check out this stretch goal art by Vincent Danks- the first three pieces have already been unlocked, you can help unlock the fourth one by supporting it now.  It’s a limited reward and will be included in The Printed Plus Edition- make sure you get your hands on a copy fast. 

Crime Lover Fiction

This site covered Harker back when it first came out and they’ve returned to do it again! Head over to read what they have to say and check out their 2012 interview with Roger Gibson.

Harker on Youtube

Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks are men of many talents. They’ve made a bit of a cottage industry out of surreal and wonderful Harker themed videos. I’ve embedded one here but highly reccomend you go to Roger Gibson’s Youtube Channel to see the rest.

Not Harker

Actress, filmmaker and writer Leah Solmaz interviewed Time Bomb scribe and chief everything Steve Tanner! 

Have a look and learn all about what makes Time Bomb work.

Newsletter August 2020


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