Newsletter: August 2021

Newsletter: August 2021

Two months to Halloween but-

We’re Trend Setters! BOMB SCARES 3 IS ON KICKSTARTER! We’re so excited about the return of our horror anthology- there’s 100 pages of weirdness, terror and pitch black comedy. You can get the full scoop over here and the Kickstarter itself here. We’ll be publishing it in October- in time for the actual Halloween- but you can pre-order now!

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

Shift Presents: The Brawler Special
Get a prime selection of Brawler and the ComicScene Annual 2021 for an affordable £6.99! PLUS if you pre-order now you can get this free print from Mark Montague featuring Brawler’s Major Rakhana! Find it here.

Everyone (still) loves Harker

Another glowing review, this time from A Place To Hang Your Cape- “A devilishly delightful detective tale and super art are afoot” – read the full thing here!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Tripwire Awards!

Whoever wins, your support means the world! For now we look forward to the results being announced later this month.


Just a few days in and you’ve already unlocked the first and second stretch goals! Now we’re onto number 3- this spooky artwork from Mike Perkins which will be included as a bonus print! See all of them over here. 

Newsletter: August 2021