Newsletter: February 2022

Newsletter: February 2022

Full Disclosure-

I wrote our newest publication on Kickstarter, Rotten Under the Snow,so I’m especially invested in it doing well! I’d really appreciate you taking a look if you can.

More details to follow but first – thank you to everyone who’s backed it or reviewed it so far. It genuinely, really, means the world to me.

– Katie, Digital Overlord 


Horror Science Fiction in the heart of a besieged Leningrad! Written by me and drawn by Mike Bogdanovic, coloured by Danielle Wiebe and lettered by Aaron Rackley, Rotten Under the Snow is a female led war story about trauma and punching and body horror! 

If you’ve enjoyed any of my stories in the Time Bomb anthologies (particularly Brawler’s Space Banshee Exorcist, which I do with Rotten…’s colourist Danielle Wiebe), I think you’ll like this too. It’s also got a lot in common with Time Bomb’s flagship Flintlock title: a complicated historical heroine and an exciting mystery adventure. In this case, we follow a Nightwitch- a female Russian pilot- as she struggles to face her past. 

You can find our more over on Kickstarter, where we’re charging toward the first stretch goal!  


And what a stretch goal!

It’s an amazing bonus print from Hailey Renee Brown! 
I’ve worked with Hailey in the past, and she’s the best! I’m go glad she came onboard for this print. Hopefully it gets unlocked soon and then we can show you what else is lined up!

Need more persuasion? 

Check out this preview review from Michael Nimmo! He says “Reading the first 24 pages of this new comic, I was completely drawn in, with a sigh when I got to the end of the preview I had been given.”Hopefully he’s going to feel the same way when we give him the whole thing! Read his review here.

Lastly, thanks again to everyone who’s backed us or shared the campaign so far. This is the first full length graphic novel I’ve had published, and I’m really grateful to Time Bomb and Steve for taking a chance on me- and I’m grateful to you for doing the same

Newsletter: February 2022


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