Newsletter September 2020

Newsletter September 2020

Wow, it’s Autumn
And everything is still as weird as it’s been since February. But at least we have some good news to balance out the bad.  Read on to find out what!

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

Harker is funded!  
After running for a month, the Harker: Book One Kickstarter closed with five stretch goals passed and almost four times the original target raised. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us, whether you gave money or just shared the page, the campaign wouldn’t have been a success without you.

Click here to see the unlocked art and get some personal words from series scribe Roger Gibson.

Comic Scene Annual 2021
Check out the Kickstarter for Comic Scene’s 2021 Annual– it’s got new short Harker and Dick Turpin stories from the creative teams of Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade and Harker: Book One. 

Last up, watch this space…

Newsletter September 2020