Newsletter November 2020

Newsletter November 2020

Brawler, Harker and Thought Bubble 

Exhausted? Great! We have a solution for you! This week is the online Thought Bubble Festival! The best comics, awesome panels, and no need to leave the sofa. And Time Bomb is celebrating with a very anticipated new release- info below! 

– Katie, Digital Overlord 
HARK! It’s Harker!

It’s HERE! Harker: The Book of Solomon is avaliable now! 68 pages of full-colour humour, wit, adventure and devil worshippers from Roger Gibson & Vincent Danks.

To celebrate the release and Thought Bubble we’re knocking 15% off all physical copies till Monday too! Click here to make sure you’ve ordered your copy by then. 

Brawler Beats Record!

Goshdang it folks, you’ve really done it this time! The second Brawler Anthology was our most successful Kickstarter EVER. You got us more than four times its first goal, you beat every stretch we had! From everyone here and every creator in the book, THANK YOU.

This is exactly what we need to keep making great comics, and sincerely we cannot do that without you. Really. Thanks. 

Also we promise no more Kickstarters till 2021.

Buy Small Press!

A new way to support the indy comics you love! This online shop will be opening Thursday and is a great way to support creators you already know as well as find new favourites.

Come find us here!

 Brew Gooders

Our own Steve Tanner- writer on everything from Flintlock to Brawler to Dick Turpin– was on The Brew Gooders podcast talking about Brawler and comics in 2020!

Click here to listen! 

Newsletter November 2020



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