Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin returns to comics

Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin returns to comics

The Kickstarter for Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade finished last week after surpassing its original goal of £1000 by over £1900 and reaching seven stretch goals. This one shot marks the beginning of a five year publishing plan which will present  one of the world’s best known criminals in a series of self-contained adventures dripping with gothic horror.

Following on from writer Steve Tanner’s earlier Dick Turpin one shot graphic novels, the new full colour volume features line art from Roland Bird, colour art by Brett Burbridge, lettering from Bolt-0 and editor Paul H Birch there to keep everyone on track. Steve credits the creative team with his ongoing Dick Turpin success:

“What makes this Dick Turpin tale even more enjoyable is the creative team involved. Roland and Brett’s artwork is a joy to look at, and it’s always good working with Bolt-01 again. The icing on the cake was Paul H Birch, whose approach to editing is as ruthless as Turpin was, but ultimately has made us all stand up and deliver the best we can.”

There’s one more person to thank, of course- the highwayman himself. Said Steve: 

“I owe a lot to Dick Turpin – he featured in Time Bomb’s second release way back in 2008 and my research on him unlocked a fascination with the 18th Century that continues to this day and that can be seen in a lot of my work, especially Flintlock.”

“Writing Dick Turpin again was like reuniting with an old friend, although one that you wouldn’t turn your back on and perhaps not completely trust.”

Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade will be published later this year and available in both digital form and in print. 

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Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin returns to comics


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