Bomb Scares 2
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18 Stories, 37 Creators 96 pages, Graphic Album, Perfect Bound, Black & White.


96 pages, 34 creators, 17 stories, one mighty horror anthology!
The full list of stories in Bomb Scares 2 and their creators involved are listed below: C.A.S.T.E. Metal by Paul H. Birch, John Fife, Mats Engesten, Adrian Lowe & John Robbins. Shadow by Martin Conaghan, Mike Perkins & John Robbins. Widower’s Jewels by Wolfgang Parker, David Hitchcock & John Robbins. Death at the Wheel by John Erasmus. Breakfast by Ken Hooper & Ron Luce. Murderbox by Cy Dethan, Roland Bird & Dave Evans. Pole Dancer by Richmond A. Clements, David Morris & Dave Evans. Fitting Room by Gary T. Becks & David Paul. House of Meat by Jim Alexander, John D. Williams & Dave Evans. Fly by Night by Christine Logan, Anthony Summey & John Robbins. Stitching Them Up by Katie Cunningham, Brett Burbridge & John Robbins. Viking Voodoo by John Halfpenny & Gary Crutchley. The Familiar Shadow by John Robbins (Adapted from L’Ombre Familiere by Maurice Pialat). The Orakh by Tim A. Coulson & Gustaffo Vargas. The Last Cigarette by Joseph Matthews, Izzat Aljumaie & Dave Evans. The Return of The Witch by Sean Meighen, John Hageman, Mel Smith & Dave Evans. Pipe Dreams by Cathal Duggan & John Robbins.