Bomb Scares 3

18 Stories, 37 Creators
96 pages, Graphic Album,

Perfect Bound,

Black & White.



100 pages! 15 stories! The comics anthology of cutting edge horror returns!

Bomb Scares 3 is a perfect bound 100 page horror anthology containing fifteen cutting edge stories that features a cover by the legendary Phil Winslade!

As with the previous two Bomb Scares anthology books respected editor Paul H Birch has once more pulled together a truly breathtaking range of comics talent  for this new volume – including a magnificent cover by internationally celebrated comics artist Phil Winslade.

Bomb Scares 3 is no timid floppy, but a much mightier beast boasting 100 perfect bound pages, showcasing fifteen complete unsettling stories of modern horror fiction told in the comics medium. We believe that horror comics can – and should – be more than just zombies, vampires and slaughter, so you’ll find that the stories in Bomb Scares 3 range in tone from the unusual to the thought-provoking to the challenging to the visceral. One thing unites them though: the artists involved have produced some incredible pages of comic art to fully realise the dark and macabre tales of the writers they have collaborated with.

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