Newsletter: June 2021

Newsletter: June 2021

It’s officially summer, folks!

Which means, of course, that it’s a good time to stay indoors and read comics. We can help with that!

– Katie, Digital Overlord 

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You’ve done it again!

Harker made over 500% of its original goal, unlocked a ton of bonus art. It ended up being only £90 away from its final stretch goal- so Time Bomb Chief Steve Tanner decided to unlock it anyway! Click through to see his official thanks on the Kickstarter page.

Who’s that?

It’s Major Rakhana, fresh from the pages of Brawler and now guest starring on the front of the ComicScene Best of Indie Summer Special! Find out more and join their Comic Club over here.

Tripwire Awards 2020: All The Winners – COMICON

We’re Nominated in the Tripwire Awards

Mentioned this last month- but as voiting is still open… You can vote for us in the Best Small Press/Independent Category over here, and we’d appreciate any support. 


You didn’t think we were done with Harker yet, right?

Alex Thomas at Pipedream Comics has a flattering (and we think very accurate) review of the entire first story arc- “It’s not damning with faint praise to say that we could see this series on a Sunday night on ITV, it just hits those genre notes perfectly. While the added darker elements give it a USP. it’s never at the expense of the character and compliments it all brilliantly.” Read the rest here!

And again!

G-Man reviewed Harker for Comics Anonymous! “All in all, this is a detective release from Time Bomb Comics that deserve all the praise and then some as the light & dark side to those characters are brought to life in a city that’s familiar enough to have you engaged from the off.” See it all here!

Newsletter: June 2021