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Time Bomb Comics is a British comics company that publishes comics and graphic novels, including the popular Flintlock and Brawler anthology series. From historical horror to mind-bending science-fiction each release is a complete story by talented creators.

Based in Birmingham, England, Time Bomb Comics was created in September 2007 and is about one simple thing – good solid comic book entertainment.

From exciting newcomers to established professionals our artists and writers are united with a single aim – Telling Great Stories.

Therefore you can expect comics released under the Time Bomb Comics banner to be wide and diverse in theme, genre and format, and with only a single limitation – the imagination of our creative teams.


Time Bomb Comics is all about Telling Great Stories, so we are always looking for creators who can do that. Whilst we don´t expect you to be currently professionally working in comics – Time Bomb Comics is happy to showcase work of creators currently working outside the industry – we are looking for individuals who will deliver a professional standard of work. All submissions must conform to the standards below.



Time Bomb Comics wants to be able to publish a wide variety of comics from a wide variety of genres – science-fiction, thriller, mystery, romance, horror, adventure – and we want to work with talented and committed writers and artists to help achieve that.

However there are some styles of comic that we´re not interested in:- traditional superhero stories, Viz–style humour strips, parodies of existing works and sex comics.

(Hint: If you’re serious about submitting to us, take some time to read our books and understand the kind of stories we publish!)

Our terms are slightly different depending on what you do for us:

Flintlock – All Flintlock creators will receive an agreed page rate for any work they do under work for hire terms. Participation is by invitation only.

Brawler – All Brawler creators will receive a base page rate for any work they do with a pre-order enhancement opportunity. Work published in Brawler is creator owned.

Bomb Scares – All Bomb Scares creators will receive a nominal usage fee for any of their work published. Work published in Bomb Scares is creator owned. Previously published work can be submitted for consideration as long as the submitting creator(s) have full rights to that work.

One-shots and graphic novels – Creators will receive an agreed payment following publication of their creator owned work, with an opportunity for sales related enhancements.

All creators will receive full credit and copyright on their work as well as free copies of any Time Bomb Comics publication their work appears in.


Don´t tell us about your 196 page graphic novel just yet! Please send a fully scripted short story of no more than 5 finished comic pages in length. It can be in any genre, but your story must have a beginning, middle and end. If you have a great idea for a longer story – sorry, we still just initially want maximum 5 pages of script. Any script submitted must have a brief one paragraph story outline on its first page. If you have an example of work you´ve already completed or had published elsewhere then by all means use that as your sample – but it must still be no more than five pages. One more thing: don’t just send a link to your personal website, file sharing resource or similar online gallery. If your samples are not sent as attachments they will not be looked at.


It´s not all about splash pages! Artists should submit no more than 5 pages of sequential storytelling in any genre which demonstrates your understanding of the comics format. The submitted pages must ideally be a part of the same narrative, but please send separate pages if you want to demonstrate your range of styles. If you have an example of work you´ve already completed or had published elsewhere then by all means send that as your sample – but keep to our 5 page limit. All artwork must be sent via email in jpeg/tiff format to the submissions address, and please keep it below 10mb. One more thing: don’t just send a link to your deviantart page or similar online gallery – if your samples are not sent as attachments they will not be looked at.


Please contact us to find out if we have any current opportunities.


We get lots of submissions, but we will eventually reply to any creators who submit work to us by correctly following our submission guidelines.